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Experience in the service
of fresh and frozen food products!

Founded in 2011, D-TRANS has built its experience and reputation in the logistics and transport of fresh and frozen foodstuffs.

Since 2020, D-TRANS has concentrated all its activities on a single site in Welkenraedt – in the very heart of the Province of Liege. We offer a complete range of logistics services: Logistics platform, Storage, Planning, Management, Transport, and Delivery. Our approach is totally integrated and simultaneously ensures a flawless quality of tailor-made service as well as increased efficiency for all our customers. Internally, no less than 50 employees, drivers and logisticians work hard every day to guarantee hygiene, service and respect for the cold chain, in all circumstances!

Whether it is a question of planning the delivery of orders within the purchasing centres or directly to the customers, each order is treated with the same rigour in order to guarantee a quality of service, a high degree of flexibility and optimal conditions. Together, hand in hand, we make sure that we meet our commitments every day, without ever deviating from our Golden Rule: experience at the service of fresh and frozen food products!

A few figures

The company in a nutshell.

Our fleet is made up of a large majority of bi-temperature cabins, ideal for the transport of fresh and frozen food products. A real added value for our customers and partners, who know they can count on D-TRANS for its logistics, whatever the circumstances!

A complete and flexible fleet that can be adapted to any type of transport and delivery.


The year D-TRANS was created in Aubel.


Moving to more suitable premises in Welkenraedt.


The surface area in sqm of our refrigerated logistics platform.


The surface area in sqm of our “dry” storage area.


Number of EURO-6 certified trucks in our fleet.


Number of permanent employees in the company.

5.000.000 €

Annual turnover of the company.


Number of deliveries made each day, i.e. 50,000 deliveries per year!

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Office D-Trans
Office D-Trans
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